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الزواج من "جنسية أخرى"..فلسطينيات خضن التجربة!
"بكَت ابنتي وهي بعمر الخامسة حين عرفت أني فلسطينية، وصارت تقول:"ماما أريد أن أكون مثلك"، فلم يكن مني إلا محاولة تهدئتها وإخبارها أننا جميعاً مسلمون"..بلهجتها الممزوجة بين الفلسطينية والمصرية حدثّتنا إيمان عواد وهو اسمٌ مستعار كالأخريات اللاتي تحدثن إلى "فلسطين" عبر الهاتف. عواد تبلغ من العمر أربعة وأربعين عاماً، عاشت أكثر من نصفها مع أهلها في مصر، ونصفها الثاني مع زوجها "المصري" الذي كان أعظم قاسمٍ مشترك يجمعه بها:"الإسلام". بلهجتها المختلطة المميزة قالت لـ"فلسطين":"كُنت في الثامنة والعشرين حين جاءَ ...
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When Emraan Hashmi's overconfidence made Vikram Bhatt call off shoot!
From the commercial potboiler MURDER to the thought provoking SHANGHAI, Emraan Hashmi in a career spanning over a decade has eventually tight lipped his critics and proved he is not just 'A Serial Kisser' but has the potential to perform characters ...
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World T20 2014: Ranking the Top 40 Players of the Tournament
First, it was the Associate nations who put on a show, typifying the growth of cricket's global footprint, before the game's heavyweights arrived to determine the competition's outcome. With the trophy having been claimed and honours decided, we've ...
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ICC Rankings' Top 10 T20I Batsmen in Cricket After 2014 World T20
Now that it is over, the player rankings are perhaps the best way to see who the top 10 batsmen in the world are right now in T20 cricket; so let's take a look at how things shake out. This list has taken into account the recent World T20 tournament.
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ICC Rankings' Top 10 T20I Bowlers in Cricket After 2014 World T20
With some having done well and others having floundered, the ICC player rankings will show which individuals are at the top of their game right now with the ball in hand. Read on for the top 10 T20 bowlers in the world right now, taking into account ...
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